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Fantasy Women Battles

Fantasy Women Battles

Beautiful warrior women have been a resounding force in mythology, history and fantasy since the dawn of time. Fantasy Women Battles (FWB) brings 16 of these relentlessly driven women to life in 8 sensational fights to the death. These powerful, highly-trained women are as deadly as they are alluring and are united in only two things: the quest to be the best, and the lust for battle. Who wins…who dies…. that is for you, the arena audience to decide.

How It Works

Explicit footage of each FWB competitor will be released - giving you a chance to get to know your warriors and form your alliances.

Full fights will be launched online, revealing the crowd chosen champion.

These chosen champions go on to fight in the next round of even more epic proportions.

So rally your troops, form your teams and let the games begin!